TO BE SEEN in the neighborhood

DSC02080_web copy copy Pentadattilo is an ancient abandoned village, restored in recent years, where can be heard a “magical silence”, this marvel is exactly 7.8 kilometers from our hotel, to get more information about this village visit


Gallicianò by Condofuri, another village “Grecanico”, interesting for his Orthodox Church and to be a village where the people still live with the rhythms of ancient times, agriculture and pastoralism.


Going up to Gallicianò must surely stop to visit the ruins of the Castle dell’Amendolea, a fortified Norman construction (XII century). Overlooking the homonymous creek


BOVA has been an important center in the past, so much so that the entire area grecanica is also called “Bovesia”, from the seventh century and until 1986 Bova was bishopric, the first bishop of which name is known has been Luca in 1094 and in 1574 it passed from the Greek to the Latin rite under Bishop Staturiano, today the archdiocese is known by the name of “Reggio Calabria and Bova,” the cathedral is dedicated to St. Mary’s dell’Isodia or of the Presentation at theTemple, but ll town’s patron is St. Leo, a greek monk, whose relics are venerated in Bova, in the Sanctuary dedicated to him.



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