The Restaurant

The Small Big Breakfast

DSC_0013Our dining room, beautifully furnished for you will be the starting point of the day where you can enjoy our varied, plentiful breakfast. Aware that every customer is different we set up a buffet with fruit, yoghurt, pies  and Viennoiserie produced by us, cold cuts and cheese, fruit juices and freshly squeezed orange juice strictly by our land oranges and for the most CONTINENTAL persons we cook the eggs at the time and in the preferred way so whether you are American Style (bacon & Eggs) or Italian Style (soft-boiled or hard-boiled) just ask and you will be satisfied.

Lunch and Dinner


Our kitchen is open from 12:00 to 14:30 and from 19:00 to 22:30 but we would not let a customer ever starving, it would be against our principles of hospitality, we prefer the local cuisine that includes both meat and fish , although the tradition Calabrese is linked to PIG (from Ragu to the various ways to cook both meat and innards to finish in the famous Calabrese Cold Cuts) we are in a seaside town so depending on season and availability, we always have fish to offer to our customers, we do not forget those who have special needs such as vegan and CELIACS who we will find a menu designed for them



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